Our Philosophy: Conversative and Conservative.

We are conversative.

Because we believe in human beings, communication and compassion.

And to some extent in conservativism.

Because we would like you to experience the real thing.

The real authentic Swiss vYntage Chalets in the Mountains.

Our vYntage Chalets were built hundreds of years ago, some of them more than four hundred year ago, others "only" one hundred year ago.

To last for eternity or more...

Swiss people had been living there for generations and they still are living there in some of the modernised Chalets you might have come across in glossy magazines.  At times equipped like apartments on the Upper East Side in New York City.

Like the ones in Gstaad for instance.

Well, that's not our thing.

Nonetheless: we do love luxury.

And human civilisation's achievements.

As a consequence, we did the following:

We added modern Bathrooms, Kitchens and new comfortable Beds.

In some of the rooms, we removed the low ceilings (some of them measured one meter sixty only, that‘s were the kids used to sleep usually). In other rooms, mainly the bedrooms, we kept the low ceilings. Because there we wanted to stay in bed all day long, enjoy the mountain view, read and sleep.

In some of our Swiss vYntage.ch Chalets in the Mountains you might even notice black, charred, wooden walls. We left them in that state for two reasons:

1st, the charred wood is a witness of the open fire kitchen all of these old Swiss vYntage Chalets used to sport. A hole in the roof was the only escape for the smoke and all sourrounding walls attracted this typical black charcoal.

And 2nd: it‘s the best possible protection for the wood and keeps off all kind of wood loving animals.

Everything else, rest assured, remained, as we say, like "zu Gotthelf's Zeiten", like in the times of Gotthelf in the eighteenth century in the Swiss Emmental.

The priest Albert Bitzius, better known under his pen name "Jeremias Gotthelf", wrote about his experience with the farmers in the 18th century in classics  like "Ueli der Knecht", "Ueli der Pächter", "Käserei zur Viehfreude", "Annebäbi Jowäger" or "Geld und Geist" just to name a few from the top of my head.


Since our story began with books and love I suggest you read one of these to get an idea of this Swiss Culture still alive very much today.

You will notice, that our vYntage Chalets provide what no other modern house can provide: the "Gemütlichkeit" so many try to copy.

We are the original.

Impossible to copy.

That's our understanding of luxury.

We hope it's yours as well.

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Our Story: vYntage.ch

In the beginning there was Love.

And Books.

The books were shelved in a castle in Evian, at the "Chateau Fonbonne", which means "castle of the good source".

And my love lived in Ouchy in Switzerland just opposite.

On the Riviera of the Lake of Geneva.

And Love was more important.

Hence the books had to move.

To a new home.

And I found it in the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland, were we used to go to Ski camps from 6th to 9th grade every year.

The highlight of the school year we all were waiting for:

Skiing every day from 7am to 7pm, sleeping in simple bunk beds in the „märit halle Zweisimmen“, the market halls of the village Zweisimmen and on Wednesday, the absolute pinnacle: Disco! With the much awaited and feared „slow dance“ to songs like „Lady in Black“ from Uriah Heep after rocking to AC/DC.

The slow dance was one of the rare opportunities to getting closer to a girl. Sometimes rocking with „the girl“ and I still remember a girl from two classes above who picked me and whispered the song „Über Sieben Brücken musst Du geh‘n“ from Peter Maffay into my ears while pressing her lovely body against mine.

You‘ll get the point: good old times and unforgettable memories only. All attached to this beautiful landscape of the Bernese Oberland.

As the song says: „s Bärner Oberland esch schöön!“ (Weni nome wösst wo‘s Vogulisi wär, sVogulisi chonnt vo Adelbode här, Adubode liit im Bärner Oberland, s‘Bärneroberland esch schööön....“) Get a Swiss to explain that to you.

After stumbling across this advertising for this Old Swiss vYntage Chalet I was afraid that a typo occurred on the advertised price.

Nevertheless, I took some spare money from my drawer in Evian (yes, like in the old days) and paid for our first real Swiss vYntage Chalet in the Mountains in cash.

The next day I drew a plan for the house, calculated the surfaces and ordered constructing material.

A truck hauled the insulation material, Fermacell, wood and all kind of tools over my neighbors' frozen garden, which I wasn't aware of.

A few friendly conversations settled my overstepping eventually.

My neigbhor offered me a job as a teacher at the local school, which I accepted. I was hoping this would be good way to integrate myself in the village. Apart from that, it allowed me to finance and remodel our first house in the meantime.

I was so looking forward to having our children with us in this authentic Chalet of ours in the Swiss mountains.

My siblings and I grew up in a similar old wooden house in Meggen, Lucerne and I felt comfortable in this 400 Year Old wooden house immediately.

The climate in old wood Chalets is the healthiest one can think of, because there’s a natural flow of air, wooden floors are softer than concrete and if anything breaks, it can be fixed easily with spare or new wood as well.

Initially I thought of starting a business for divorced men who had to leave their house in a hurry and as a consequence thereof had no place to stay with their children anymore.

A situation I new all too well.

Hence, I needed a reservation platform for my future divorcees aka customers.

A good friend of mine, Wolfgang, mentioned a start-up called airbnbn.com from California that offered space in their houses for guests on their website.

I tried it out. I  registered our 400 Year Old Swiss vYntage Chalet in the Mountains and two days later a couple from Australia showed up and stayed in our authentic Swiss vYntage Chalet.

They were over the moon. And so were we.

So we bought another old house in the village which stayed abandoned for almost thirty years before and refurbished it with our own hands and the additional knowledge we could get from YouTube.com tutorials.

All of us were over the moon.

The guests and we.

And most of the people in these small villages, especially those who owned small businesses.

And: the ones who followed our example and listed their Chalets on airbnb.com.

We are so blessed to live in our times where anything is possible and resources can be shared.

Thus, anyone can become an entrepreneur, be it as a teacher, a carpenter, employee with a car or grandparents with a spare room.

It‘s not limited to the rich, privileged and highly educated only.

Anyone who knows how to tap into today‘s social network opportunities.

The rest will be history.

Today we own several formerly defunct old Swiss vYntage Chalets in the Mountains and we want our guests, you, to enjoy the same real Swiss Chalet experience in the mountains we still love so much.

And last but not least: You  are contributing to the local economy in our tiny "Wie zu Gotthelf's Zeiten" villages.

Thus contributing to keep these treasures in the Swiss Mountains alive.

A truly holistic Swiss vYntage Cultural experience.

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Civilisation: Enjoy Progress.

Beds have to be confortable.

Water for a shower has to be warm and gushing.

A kitchen should be fully equipped.

A big hot tub may be heated with sustainable wood.

Origin of the word vYntage: the process of picking grapes. Borrowed from Anglo-Norman vendenge, from Latin vīndēmia.


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Since 1993

Conversative and Conservative: Communicating with our Swiss vYntage.ch heritage.

Respect the past, enjoy civilisation.

Human progress has to be enjoyed.

Last but not least a warm shower, a nice bathroom or a fully equipped kitchen are indispensable for a successful day.

We believe that you will enjoy our vYntage.ch Swiss Chalets in the Mountains even more than our ancestors did.

And rightly so.

You deserve it, because you work for human progress daily.


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