Stube Schwarzenatt mit Kindern

Meet the Team

Conversative and Conservative.

Moosmattstrasse 3 mit Grossvater und Urgrossvater Chiappori

Giovanni Battista Chiappori

Founder & CEO

Giovanni Battista Chiappori fought against the Austrians in 1848.

He is the founder's Great Great Grandfather.

He supported the Italian Independence Movement, fuelled by the idea of an Italian nation, spurred by the St. Simonist who imagined a Europe of equal citizens and inflamed by Guiseppe Garibaldi's lust for battle.

After the war, he settled in Switzerland and bought a house (on the picture above) and a considerable amount of land with the money he made by building Cantonal Roads in the Canton of Lucerne with his proper constructing firm called "Chiappori Bau AG".




Runben Marcelona

Vice President


His Finnish friend in St. Petersburg calls him "The Renaissance Man".

He would agree. Since it is his ideal to know and know how to do more and more. Trying to understand this marvelous world of ours.

He speaks 9 languages and works on his 10th although he doesn't consider this as a sign of intelligence. He says: "this doesn't make me more intelligent. It just allows me to utter the same non-sense in different ways. Apart from being able to connect personally to more and more people in our world."

He refurbished the first two houses on his own. Then he realised that it's helpful to ask for help from time to time.

He loves to write, think (in that order), dance, make love and laugh a lot.

And to travel on a low budget.

Because he re-discovered the joy of Rucksack travelling again.



Marie-Theres Ammann

Chief of Staff

Marie-Theres stems from an ancient family from K├╝ssnacht am Rigi, the Ammann, which is part of the "Seebodenalp Corporation" that owns and runs the business on this Queen of Mountains called "Rigi".

Her father won several horse back riding competitions and the heart of his wife, Marie VonArburg, when he chose her as his Lady of Honor. He rode his favourite horse "Fury" to Nottwil, Canton of Lucerne, were Marie Ammann lived with her severe mother. Fearlessly he asked for her hand the Chevalier way.

Marie-Theres is a nobel queen in her own right because of her entreprenieural spirit: she managed and loved her three children successfully as a young mother at the age of twenty, founded and ran a swimming school in Lucerne and ran her own Natural Medicine Cabinet in K├╝ssnacht.

She embodies our philosophy of "Conversative and Conservative".


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