400 Year Old Swiss Chalet


10 minutes to Gstaad Mountain Ride.

Our first house.

Where it all began in 2010.

325 Year Old Swiss Chalet.


8 minutes to Gstaad Mountain Ride.

With Billard Table.

200 Year Old Swiss House.

20 minutes from Interlaken.

One of the last "Biedermeier" epoque houses in the Canton of Berne.

Former Veterinaries' Home.



300 Year Old Swiss Chalet.


18 minutes to Interlaken, 33 minutes to Grindelwald Jungfrau.

In the smallest commune of the Canton of Berne.

Eighty souls.

250 Year Old Swiss Chalet.

IMG_1071 copy

8 minutes to Interlaken.

22 minutes to Grindelwald/Jungfrau.


Schangnau Bumbach

77 Year Old Swiss Chalet.

In "Gotthelf's" Emmental.

1 hour to Lucerne and Interlaken.

275 Year Old Swiss Chalet.

In Grindelwald.

Unbeatable Site.

And view.

Jungfrau in front of you.